Mobile POS Systems: A Few Great Examples

A mobile POS system is a type of Point of Sale system which operates with the help of a tablet or smartphone. The vast majority of these systems are compatible with Android OS and iOS. In addition, most of them are using cloud technology. There are many mobile POS systems out there that come equipped with tons of features. If you are not sure which one you should choose, then you should keep reading this article because we are about to help you find the best one. Shopify Those of you involved in the eCommerce industry have definitely heard about Shopify. When this product appeared on the market nearly two decades ago, it was a promising eCommerce software provider. However, as they’ve made progress in this sector, they have started including unique eCommerce solutions that can cover the needs of modern online store owners. Today, they are proud owners of a sophisticated mobile POS, payment service and more.

Shopify Lite is an inexpensive service plan that offers access to Shopify POS system. It also offers users a few great online selling tools like Facebook shop integration, buy buttons and more. In case you are new to this and you don’t want to make many experiments and you don’t want to make huge investments, then our advice is to try Shopify Lite.

When it comes to the features provided by Shopify POS, you will get access to all standard features. For example, there is online discount integrations, inventory tools, invoicing and more. Keep in mind that Shopify supports many external payment gateways, but if you want to save money on transaction fees you should consider using their Shopify Payments solution.

PayPal Here

For many years, PayPal is the most used online payment solution. The good thing is that they have decided to create a mobile POS system for merchants too. This solution is known as PayPal Here. This is a unique payment processing system which includes the PayPal application. You can download and use this app on tablets, smartphones and other smart devices. In addition to software, PayPal provides access to hardware solutions that can cover your POS needs.

First of all, they have a mobile credit card reader which accepts magstripe cards. Next, you can use the chips and swipe reader which is probably the most used PayPal reader at the moment. Thanks to this solution you can accept chip cards and swipe cards. The Chip and Tap Reader, on the other hand, accepts these two methods and contactless payments. Lastly, there is a chip card reader which accepts all kinds of mobile payments.

As for the PayPal Here app, it’s worth mentioning that it comes with standard features found in most apps of this type. These features include employee management, inventory management, inventory tracking, sales reports, etc. Before you download the application and use any of the pieces of hardware we’ve listed here, don’t forget that you must create a PayPal account.


If you conduct serious research about the best mobile Point of Sale systems, you will find the name Square on many top lists. This is a great mobile solution for online merchants for more than one reason. For starters, you can get the software for free. Visit the Google Play store or Apple store to find the Square POS, download it and install it on your mobile device or computer. After that, you must buy Square hardware if you want to accept and process payments physically.

It’s interesting that Square offers a countertop register. In addition, they have a few other pieces of hardware that will let businesses process mobile payments. These pieces of hardware include the Square magstripe reader, Square contactless and chip reader and Square chip and magstripe reader. In addition to processing payments, you can use this software for a few other things that will help you run your business more successfully. For instance, Square POS system has an inventory tracking feature. Next, it allows users to take care of employee management. In the end, you can attract new customers and keep your existing customers loyal thanks to the CRM software created by Square.


Some of the mobile Point of Sale systems available on the market are designed for specific categories of businesses that belong to specific industries. ShopKeep is a great example of a POS system like that. This POS system was developed for businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, bistros, bars, and food trucks. ShopKeep provides carefully tailored solutions for all kinds of business that belong to this sector. However, specialty shops, clothing stores, and retail stores can also use this system.

ShopKeep POS systems designed for businesses that belong to the food industry are created to support almost every activity related to the management of this type of business. For example, with the help of ShopKeep, users can rely on an online ordering system, inventory tracking, modifiable tip suggestions, tableside ordering, menu updates, discounts and more. These are all specialized features, but ShopKeep POS also has some common POS features like in-depth reporting, employee management, analytics, etc.


Clover is one of the fastest growing mobile POS system solutions in the world. They are known for the high level of customization options. It’s worth mentioning that there are actually two mobile payment options provided by Clover and these options include Clover Flex and Clover Go.

Clover Flex represents an original device that you can hold in your hand. It comes with an intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen that has the power to accept all kinds of credit payments. In addition, this device can also scan barcodes, capture signatures and print receipts when needed. On the other hand, Clover Go represents a small device that relies on Bluetooth connection. It lets Clover users accept EMV, magstripe and NFC cards.

Regardless of the option you choose, you should know that you will have access to their useful software which allows users to manage inventory, track inventory, manage employee behavior, customer behavior and more.